Top 10 most important FAQs

What are the advantages of Broadband?

Broadband allows you to complete your task of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster than a Dial-up Internet, 2G and 3G connection and thereby saving your valuable time, and giving you a superior internet experience.

What does an 'always on' connection mean? How do I connect to the internet?

An ‘Always On’ Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don’t need to dial any phone number.

What is a Wireless broadband connectivity?

Fixed wireless broadband provides high speed Internet access without cable, fiber or phone-line connections. Data is securely transmitted wirelessly for two-way communications cable of data, video and voice.

What are the benefits of wireless broadband

A. fewer cables around the house

B. Stable Connectivity, no fear of cutting wires

C. Link several wireless devices (eg two pcs, a pc and a laptop, a pc, laptop and PDA) Using WIFI Router

Can I get broadband over a wireless network in my home I Want internet Sharing between Users?

Yes, You will need a wireless router . You can buy this router from us or from shop. We will help you to setup your network. If you set up a wireless network by yourself in your home you should ensure you have adequate security so people in the local area cannot access your network.

How to become our customer?

Just visit our Website – and order the broadband by filling up form or you may contact our sales team. They will quote accordingly

Why does my high speed package seems a little slow?

If your higher-speed package is slower than it should be, verify that no other application, such as a peer-to-peer sharing software, is slowing down your experience. If you use a Wi-Fi router, check that it’s protected with a password and that no intruders are using it. Also verify that your PC or connected device is close to the router.

What types of applications/services could lead to high data usage?

Streaming music or video can typically lead to high.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the broadband speed package?

Yes. This can be done by simply calling Customer Care. Upgrades/Downgrades are free of charge.

Note :- Upgrade or downgrade your Package only when your Monthly account is Expired.

How can I protect myself from viruses?

Ensure you’ve installed appropriate anti-virus protection software on your PC and verify that your software is always up to date. Also, be wary of e-mail attachments as many viruses, worms, hoaxes, Trojans and other forms of malicious software can be spread via email, usually as attachments. Unless you trust the sender and you are absolutely sure that the attachment is legitimate, please don’t open it.

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