1. Any one-time charges paid to PASS-IT MEDIA at the time of installation are non-refundable.
  2. The company may extend refund to User only for his first payment in case of no-feasibility for building a new connection to the requested address.
  3. The online refund may be extended to the User, when the transaction is incomplete, in the sense that the User’s plan is not renewed, but online payment has been generated.
  4. Interest-free security deposit to be refunded after the return of assets in the same condition at the time of receipt will be processed within 90 days of acceptance of the Optical Network Unit (ONU) by PASS-IT MEDIA.
  5. ONU to be returned to a “person” appointed by PASS-IT MEDIA. It can be the local cable operator, PASS-IT MEDIA to recover back the ONU from customer location.
  6. Refund to be processed to the bank account provided at the time of registration or to the bank account/wallet linked to the phone number registered with PASS-IT MEDIA. No other bank account to be used for refunds. Cash and Cheque not to be used for customer refunds.